Road from Prauge to Budapest - gricketts
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The Czech Republic with Germany and Poland to the north, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the east, has some of the most magnificent castles and quaint villages found anywhere in Europe. There are 5,612 villages, rural communities with less than 2,000 population, in the Czech Republic.

Summer is known as okurková sezona, cucumber season, and the time when city dwellers flee to their Chatas (cottages) in the country. In fact, today many young professionals are choosing to relocate from the city noise and grim to where the foxes say goodnight—tam, kde dávají lišky dobrou noc in Czech, which means the middle of nowhere, the boonies.

The ignominy attached to being a balík, villager or country bumpkin, is eroding as young professionals choose commuting from their village.

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