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Table Setting—Český Krumlov, Czech, Republic

Gary Ricketts enjoyed a life-long career in television production and management. While at the ABC Television Network, one of the highlights of his career was covering the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, for which Gary received the first of his three Emmys—for Outstanding Individual Achievement. Gary’s venue was Swimming, Diving, and Synchronized Swimming, which debuted at this Olympics.

In addition to thousands of ABC Sports telecasts during his career, Gary participated in covering the Presidential Inaugurations of Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. Gary also covered the Philippine Revolution for ABC News in 1986.

When Gary retired from the ABC Television Network at the end of 2007, he and his wife Sally, relocated to Hoover, Alabama where he began to market his photography. In addition to individual sales, his photographs have been licensed for greeting cards and as a supplement to a museum exhibit. Gary’s interest in photography spans several decades, starting with a Kodak Brownie as his earliest camera. When he was shooting 35 mm Kodachrome color slides in the 1970s, several of his photographs were published in regional magazines and newspapers.

Many of Gary’s photographs were taken during several trips to Europe—including England, Spain, Czech Republic, France, and Hungary. While living in New York City, he took a variety of photographs around New York City—among them Central Park (including shots of Christo’s The Gates of Central Park), Times Square and other spectacular shots from many different parts of the city. In his catalog is a collection of New York City pre-war buildings, showcasing the varied and rapidly disappearing fire escapes. New York City with its modern glass wall skyscrapers is a city of mirrors. Gary’s photographs of the city’s many reflections capture a view of the city rarely noticed by New Yorkers.

Gary has been invited to several venues to give a presentation about his work—Capturing History through Photography—where he reveals the story hidden in the image.

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