Manhattan in Shades of Gray - gricketts
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In 2005, the Howard Johnson's Restaurant at 46th street closed after serving locals and tourists for forty-six years.

In 1925, 27 year-old Howard Deering Johnson took over operation of a small patent soda fountain in a section of Quincy, Massachusetts. Wanting to expand the number of flavors and improve ice cream quality, he experimented with an old fashion hand crank ice cream maker, doubling the butterfat content and using only natural ingredients. Soon he had that superior ice cream. He added hot dogs and other items to his offerings and expanded with another restaurant in 1929.

The stock market crash later that year jeopardized Johnson’s expansion plans. He then came up with a unique American business plan, franchising. He persuaded a restauranteur to pay a fee to use the name Howard Johnson’s on a Cape Cod restaurant and buy food and supplies from Johnson.

During the 1960/70s more than a thousand Howard Johnson’s were alongside America’s roadways. As of August 2016, only one orange roof Howard Johnson’s remained in business— Lake George, New York.

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