Manhattan in Shades of Gray - gricketts
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All Night Every Night—First Place 2015

Manhattan diners, what some New Yorkers call their kitchen, are found on almost every block in the city. Every New Yorker has his or her favorite—some more than one. New York diners have multipage menus with a large selection of entrées and side dishes. And, if you can't find it on the menu—most will fix it for you anyway. Whether you're craving breakfast, lunch, brunch, supper, dinner, or just dessert the diner is the place to go.

Unfortunately, New York’s diners are an endangered species as more and more of them close. Some believe it is because New Yorkers are experiencing a food culture change where people seek new and high-end restaurant food.

However, diners closing their doors for good appears to be about rent costs and not cuisine. New York diners are simply getting priced out of the market. Diners can’t pay higher rents and make a profit.

Sad, but true, the reality of the New York real estate market is that when landlords raise rents, someone is always willing to pay the higher price.

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