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Give My Regards to Broadway—Third Place 2015

The Producers, Mel Brooks’ hit musical, ended its six year New York run after 2,502 performances on April 22, 2007. The show is responsible for creating the era of Premium Tickets where theater goers paid as much as $480 for the best seat in the house. Now all Broadway shows include with their ticket sales Premium Tickets, where the price is anywhere from $100 to $250 more than regular price tickets.

The New York theater district was not always located in the area known today as Times Square. During the 1870s the Union Square area in Southern Manhattan near Broadway and 14th Street was the main theater district. At the beginning of the 20th century the city boasted of thirty-three theaters, but there was demand for more as the population moved north.

In 1904, subway service began. Eleven lines converged at 42nd Street and Broadway’s Times Square became the obvious choice for a new theater district. It made it possible for New Yorkers to easily and quickly get to the theater and back home.

As of late 2016, there were forty-one legitimate theaters in Times Square.

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