Central Park Winter-Metropolitan Wonderland - gricketts
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There are three Cleopatra's Needles. London, Paris and New York each have one.

However, Cleopatra's Needle actually has little to do with Cleopatra. It was built around 461 B.C. by Thutmosis III as a tribute to himself. The inscriptions were added 200 years later by Ramses II to commemorate his military conquests. Cleopatra moved the obelisks to Alexandria where she built a temple in honor of Mark Anthony. The obelisks were toppled by order of Augustus Caesar, and lay buried in the sand for centuries.

On July 20, 1880, a ship carrying the obelisk, as a gift from Egypt after the opening of the Suez Canal, arrived in New York City. Using a special railroad track, it took 16 pairs of horses four months to move the obelisk to its Central Park resting place behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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