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1 Kings 17:24

Birmingham, Alabama

St. Elias Parish was created in 1910. St. Elias Maronite Church belongs to the Maronite Rite, which evolved from the Antiochene Tradition of Catholicism.

The Maronite Rite is named after the holy hermit known as Maron, who lived in the 4th and 5th centuries near Antioch, in Northern Syria. Maron was s steadfast defender of the Catholic faith. In the 7th century, the Maronite Church became a formal entity.

The Maronite Church is one of twenty-two churches within the one universal Catholic Church, and obeys all the rules and ordinances issued by the Pope in the Vatican.

The liturgical language used in the Maronite Mass is Syriac-Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ.

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